Understanding Lung Ultrasound | English version

Target Attendees:

  • Radiologists, intensivists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, emergency doctors, pulmonologists, and other health professionals interested in Lung Ultrasound.

Educational Objectives:

  • Enhancing the utility of lung ultrasound by Radiologists.
  • Advise for more sub-specialization – keep your career – Be in a team – in each specialty
  • Reinforce the basics to help those already working in this field. For instance, intensivists, ER, etc.
  • Understanding the basic principles for practical application of lung ultrasound
  • Familiarity with sonographic lung signs. [10 signs up 16]
  • To have a brief basic idea about lung pathologies detected by Ultrasound. [Need advanced level]
  • If you understand LUS basics, artifact origin, lung US signs then you can Help in fighting COVID19 (and this needs another specific session).
  • Emphasizing on we should be in a team to ensure the best health care quality services. 

Course Outline:

Theoretical: 5 videos
Part 1– Why lung ultrasound?
– Objectives
– Introduction (note about the history)
– Basic ultrasound principles that help to understand its use
in lung
– Machine preference, orientation& probes used
– Prevent contamination (infection control)
– Quiz
Part 2– Techniques of lung ultrasound
– Lung ultrasound signs (10 basic signs + others)
– Brief LUS pathologies (general &in COVID 19)
Part 3– The algorithm is in use &in progress (Blue protocol)
– Correlation with (Chest X-ray, HRCT, etc.)
– Pitfalls
– Message to home
Practical: 1 video
Final Quiz
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