POCUS – FAST & EFAST scan | English version

Target attendees:

  • Junior diagnostic residents, radiologists, clinicians, internal medicine physicians, emergency medicine physicians, surgeons, sonologists, and allied health professionals interested in POCUS with mild or no prior ultrasound experience.


  • Be Confident, Accurate, and Quick in performing FAST& EFAST scan.
  • Identify normal anatomy seen in the four FAST views
  • Describe where free fluid collects, which may represent bleeding in a trauma patient
  • Understand how to detect fluid in the abdomen, pelvis, pericardium& pleura and how to detect gross organic tears.
  • Understand how to detect pneumothorax.
  • Give appropriate clinician help in emergency cases.

Course Outline:

POCUS – FAST scan: 4 steps
Step 1How to detect pericardial effusion?
Step 2How to detect pelvic fluid collection?
Step 3How to examine lienorenal space and left pleural space?
Step 4How to examine Morison’s pouch and right pleural space?
POCUS – EFAST scan: 1 step
Step 5How to exclude pneumothorax?