Obstetric Color Doppler sonography

Target attendees:

• Diagnostic residents, radiologists, obstetricians, sonologists, and those interested in Obstetric Doppler with mild or no prior experience.

Educational Objectives:

• Simplifying the knowledge of basics of color Doppler in relation to the obstetric field.

• Optimizing the use of Doppler in pregnancy with respect to safety guidelines.

• Confidence in decision-making during the critical situation of pregnancy by accurate use of color Doppler techniques and parameters.

• Explaining the core value, limitations, and strategy of color Doppler in high-risk pregnancy.

• Understanding how to perform basic scanning of umbilical artery, middle cerebral artery, umbilical vein, ductus venosus &uterine artery and knows the normal and abnormal sonographic and Doppler findings in these vessels.

• Gathering the Doppler information for helping clinical problem-solving.

Course outline:

Theoretical: [8 parts]  

•  Part1: Introduction

•  Part2: Game of Hemodynamics & Pathophysiology       

•  Part 3: Doppler of  Uterine Artery     

•  Part 4: Doppler of  Umbilical Artery

• Part 5: Doppler of  Middle Cerebral Artery  

•  Part 6: Doppler of  Umbilical Vein    

• Part 7: Doppler of  Ductus Venosus      

• Part 8: Case scenario review & discussion

Practical: [5 parts]        

• Part 1:  Introduction to Practical Obstetric Doppler

• Part 2 : Doppler of  Umbilical Artery

• Part 3 : Doppler of  Middle Cerebral Artery

• Part 4 : Doppler of  Ductus Venosus

• Part 5:  Doppler of Uterine Artery