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Teaching & Training

Our motto remains to train and certify qualified medical doctors and allied nurses, and help them improve their knowledge and skills. Courses are designed for working professionals and are mostly of short duration.

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Our Agenda



To be the best in raising the healthcare level by introducing a diversity of innovative medical ultrasound training methods for physicians and allied healthcare professionals.



Delivering unique ultrasound training solutions based on international guidelines through dedicated state of art facilities and a comprehensive simple curriculum for the regional and worldwide allied healthcare professionals.


Training Policies

Our ultrasound training courses are based on the following:

  • Understanding the ultrasound basic & advanced Knowledge, Skills, and Experiences (KSE).
  • Empowering Hands-on training.
  • Adherence to teaching quality guidelines.
  • Emphasizing diagnostic and interpretation skills for each trainee.
  • Integrating skills into clinical practice in a short reasonable time.
  • Interactivity and evidence-based training creativity.
  • Closing local tour ceremonies for each training course related to venue culture.
  • Commitment to medical ethics and community sharing.
  • Collaboration with the largest and accredited health care facilities.

Our Values

Our success is anchored in unwavering adherence to ethical medical values. We prioritize compassion, integrity, and patient-centered care, fostering confidence in our team and patients alike. With empathy and transparency as our guide, we navigate the healthcare landscape, ensuring decisions are patient-centric. These values elevate our practice and enable us to make a meaningful impact on the lives we serve.

We are
We are universal
without racism
We are committed to participating in community development
We are
ethically oriented
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Scientific Team

Assistant Team

Doaa El-Sayed

Radiologist & Assistant Trainer

Abduh Al-Najar

Radiology Consultant & Trainer

Technical Team

Rabab El-Sayed

Quality Coordinator

Omar Eldaly

Marketing Director

Mohamed Eldaly

IT Admin & Designer